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  1. markhardy

    cheap as chips - parts need to be gone!

    A couple of parts left over that I need rid of asap before I move out. Collection from Wigan or nearby preferred Brand new renault twingo roof bars £60 collected (£120 new :( ) Brand new pagid brake discs front and rear (rear discs include wheel bearings and abs rings), and front brake pads...
  2. markhardy

    Question regarding twingo gt

    I've traded my twingo rs. However, my mums after a new car. She really likes the twingos but obviously she doesn't want an rs. Which model will be best for her? Am I right in thinking there's a 1.2 non turbo and a 1.2 turbo? She does around 30 - 40 miles a day (90% motorway), so ideally it...
  3. markhardy

    Lots of parts for sale - rs spoiler, handbrake cover etc

    My twingo has been traded in so I've returned it back to standard. Prices below don't include postage, but that can be arranged no problem. Genuine renault twingo rs spoiler in anthracite, the exact same colour code as the trim. Painted by sprayshack. It comes with the mounting bolts also...
  4. markhardy

    Hpi check

    Anyone recommend a good one please?
  5. markhardy

    New car - volvo c30 t5

    (scroll down for photos) finally found a car to replace the twingo I've just put a deposit down on a volvo c30 t5 :D 2.5 turbo I've gone for the se lux model which has all the gadgets. Im not bothering getting the bumpers etc painted to match the body colour when I'll be replacing them with...
  6. markhardy

    Twingo rs steering wheel with cruise control buttons

    As title, preferably with the airbag too. Must have cruise control Thanks
  7. markhardy

    Bc racing coilovers

    Gauging interest first but who needs some bc racing coilovers in there lives? Hopefully Oscar can come up trumps if enough people are interested! If you need new top mounts/shocks like I do then you might as well stump up a little bit extra!
  8. markhardy

    insurance renewal

    Adrain flux have just quoted me the best price so far £351! I'm 24 with 5 years no claims I paid £530 last year with Brentacre and that was with lots of phoning around. Anyone else has any good success with any particular insurance companies recently? I'm going to call manning uk on monday...
  9. markhardy

    Silverstone Classic

    Is anyone going at the end of this month? The girlfriend bought us both tickets and camping tickets. It looks like it will be awesome
  10. markhardy

    Air con problem

    My air con stopped working a few weeks ago (in this weather i Know :roll: ) I had it regassed in November and it was running fine! One day it just didnt get cold at all, it was just as cold with the aircon turned off. I've noticed now that if you have the blower set to off, and you press...
  11. markhardy

    rear suspension

    Can you buy the rear top mounts on their own or do they only come with new rear shocks?
  12. markhardy

    omp subframes, omp side mounts & omp runners

    Updated 8/7/14 - bucket seat has now sold. The items for sale are as follows: Both left and right omp subframes - HC/875S, HC/875D Two sets of omp low...
  13. markhardy

    Wanted rear top mount for twingo rs

    After one rear top mount to see if it cures the creaking. Postage to wigan many thanks
  14. markhardy

    Anyone ride a 125cc motorbike?

    I'm buying my dads kawasaki gpx400 off him later this year as it's only on 9000 miles and it's a beast. In the meantime I'm thinking of doing by cbt and getting a 125cc. Looking for opinions of anyone who has owned a 125cc such as a cbr125, cbf135, ybf125. I'm old enough to do the full bike...
  15. markhardy

    (provisionally sold) Twingo arrmrest (genuine renault part)

    I bought this last year but due to fitting new seats I've had to remove it. It's been in the car for less than 3000 miles so still looks brand new. It matches the twingo rs seat cloth colour. I paid around 90ish if I remember correctly from a renault parts seller in Germany. Renault in the uk...
  16. markhardy

    Anyone know how to get this cable out of here?

    I'm using four of the wires for the pretensioner and seat belt buckle. That leaves me with two cables for the side airbag. Anyone know how I can get these two out of this black clip?
  17. markhardy

    Engine area whine between idle and approx 2000 revs

    My car has developed a whining sound that happens when travelling at low speeds in the rev range between idle to approx 2000. It happens permanently and not a one off. no noises on idle. Cambelt, aux belt etc was all changed 7 months ago due to a faulty waterpump. No whining until about a...
  18. markhardy

    Piper cams

    Anyone got a set of standard cams they fancy sending off to piper cams? They've said they'll be able to do them and going off the price they've estimated they will be less than half the price of the catcams, £232 + vat. They just need a set sending to them for measurements. Edit - scratch...
  19. markhardy

    Harness bar

    I need a harness bar that slots into the two mounting positions where the cup bench seats would go. Not sure who has one or if anyone has removed theirs. I know JE_GT has one for sale but it might already be sold
  20. markhardy

    Bucket seat trial fitment

    I can't see how and don't want to breaks it I've popped the white cover off but can't unclip the plug