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    Any former owner of NL59WFA

    Has anyone had this car by any chance
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    Radio upgrades

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    Hi there I just got one I'm 49 just down graded from a Mondeo 2.2 titanium x sport ,so back to basics ,might have to get cambelt don when can afford it ,can get a kit of eBay £200 with dephaser thing, water pump etc,just labours ££££
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    Twingo Gordini clock/stereo help needed.

    Their are some good single din android on market
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    Found one to buy but no service history

    How easy is it to inspect of cambelt and dephaser done done
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    What is actual true 2 009 RS HP

    Car I just got apparently remapped but it says 131hp at flywheel 120nm
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    Found out car I just got been mapped at flywheel bit says 131hp 120nm ??
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    Apparently mine been mapped at rs tuning they sent this ??
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    Radio upgrades

    Has anyone fitted an android single din or fabricated a console to fit double din
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    New owner 2009 rs

    Hi Im 49 just gone from Mondeo ,2.2 to this little fun car for computing short miles , no fuel computer any idea of what last furl bar holds and reserve please Been lower with bilstein and adjustable springs by look