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  1. gotchiguy

    Ball joint and RS monitor

    There is a guide on which shows you how to remove the ball joints. They recommend welding a piece of steel box section onto it.
  2. gotchiguy

    Found one to buy but no service history

    With no history £2.7k is a bit steep, there's a mint one with all the desirable options like read diffuser and sport spoiler for £3250 on the facebook group at the moment which would be a much better buy. If you were talking no history at £2k or less then maybe it would start to make sense -...
  3. gotchiguy

    HOW TO: Retro fit Cruise control

    That alfa stalk looks really neat, I like that. How have you attached it to the steering column? And could you tell me which model stalk you have, all Alfa ones on eBay look different to me.
  4. gotchiguy

    What bike attachment do I need?

    Watching ebay for these and one close to me has come up at a good price. He is offering to stick in either a "t track" or "square bar" attachment. Presumably I need the former for our style bars?
  5. gotchiguy

    Twingo 133 non-cup suspension springs.

    Better off going for coilovers - you can set the ride height to the same as the OEM suspension and they'll give a much better ride quality I think
  6. gotchiguy

    Leaving car for a few weeks

    I'm going to be leaving the Twingo standing for at least a month, would you suggest disconnecting the battery?
  7. gotchiguy

    RS 133 paint codes for spoiler

  8. gotchiguy

    Melted steering wheel (like everyone)

    Thanks that's really helpful!
  9. gotchiguy

    Slightly outclassed!!!

  10. gotchiguy

    Slightly outclassed!!!

    Mate, I was taken for a ride in one the other day... Absolutely awesome.. 542hp certainly gives a kick in the back and with the exhaust on loud it makes a mean noise :D
  11. gotchiguy

    Slightly outclassed!!!

    You guys do realise that's Maria Sharapova at the 918 launch event... I'd have one of them over a veyron any day of the week!! The 918 is streets ahead of the P1 and laferrari IMO.
  12. gotchiguy

    Slightly outclassed!!!

    918 wins on noise and boobs (at least this time :p)
  13. gotchiguy

    New Twingo

    Welcome to the club! I used to spend time in a mk1 quite a lot when I was younger, there are actually quite a few features that are copied on the mk2.
  14. gotchiguy

    Slightly outclassed!!!

    Well I must be a magnet for cool cars at the minute, saw two more today. The first one will definitely be up your street Dave!! :D This i8 looked absolutely stunning, really cool and modern. I'd really been looking forward to seeing one since they were first announced and having seen a few i3s...
  15. gotchiguy

    Slightly outclassed!!!

    Faster than the F12 to 60. Probably to 100 too?
  16. gotchiguy

    Slightly outclassed!!!

    It is for sure, still not actually seen another one whilst in mine haha
  17. gotchiguy

    Slightly outclassed!!!

    Yes the plates are very cool ;) the F12 had a big sheet of foam on the drivers side door presumably to avoid dings from little guys like me parked next door! The car park was full of nice cars, 430scuderia, 458, that F12, three astons, a couple of lotuses and loads of bentleys (and a rolls...
  18. gotchiguy

    Melted steering wheel (like everyone)

    Yeah mines 09 so definitely no warrenty :/ I'm not a member on cliosport so I guess I'll contact royal steering wheels then :)
  19. gotchiguy

    Slightly outclassed!!!

  20. gotchiguy

    Melted steering wheel (like everyone)

    So when I got my Twingo in spring the steering wheel really wasn't too bad however for one reason or another it ended up sitting outside in the full sun all summer unfortunately..and the steering wheel is now badly melted on the top and the side. Ideally I'd like to get it retrimmed, (maybe in...