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  1. Didge3

    Lowering Springs

    I had the Twingo parked next to my Panda for possibly the first time the other day and I came to the realization that I want to modify it. My Panda which is quite suitably modified looks just more mine than the Twingo. The Panda has SPAX lowering springs all round with a 40mm drop on each...
  2. Didge3

    Bonnet support arm (thingy, I assume it has a better name)

    Bit of a random question, the little arm that holds the bonnet, every car I've ever owned, when you're done using it you unhook it from the open bonnet and clip it down onto some form of rubber thingy. My Twingo lacks such a rubber thing, the arm just sort of sits loose under the bonnet, is it...
  3. Didge3


    I've heard a lot about remapping in my time, back in my days of turbocharged Fiat Puntos (although I only ran N/A back then) but I've read into it a bit on this forum but I don't really understand it. What I can find is it adjusts the 'map' on the ECU but what does this entail? Does it change...
  4. Didge3

    Unexpected Orange Juice - Dom's Twingo GT

    So I got my Twingo on Friday and so far nothing but fun, here's some rubbish pictures due to crap weather. I didn't really ever like the idea of silver cars but I think it suits the Twingo GT. Quite possibly the highest millage Twingo on the forum. Also as previously discussed in a...
  5. Didge3

    Buying a Twingo GT

    Hi, I'm looking at buying a Twingo GT because they're ridiculously cheap for what you get and even cheaper to insure. I just need a cheapish runabout car that isn't too boring (hence getting a GT model). However the one I'm looking to buy has 100,000 miles on it although a full Renault service...