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    How to - Replace steering wheel.

    has anyone wired the cruise control buttons to the radio controller? it would already have + and - laid out nicely :D i'm planning to swap the steering wheel, but i really wanna keep the cruise control.
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    My 2009 RS "150"

    Hey! About an year ago red twingo RS popped up in Finnish car marketplace (really rare in Finland, never sold here), and i had to get it. The car has "road" profile cat cams, Scorpion cat-back and k&n filter with tune. Dyno results were 149,8hp and 172nm. Also it has cup suspension installed...
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    Caliper clearance

    Hey! Yesterday i got new wheels fitted (15*7 et38), and The caliper clearance is quite small. What kind of clearance do you guys Have with 15" rims? Should i get spacers or is that enough?
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    Is my transmission dying?

    Hey, Couple weeks ago my 2009 twingo rs started to make this weird rotating noise. First I thought that it was a slightly bent brake rotor ect, but after swapping to winter tyres the past weekend, I tested all of the wheels for bent rotors/bad bearings and everything seemed to be in working...
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    Cat Cams

    Hey, I have 2009 RS133 with 262/242 Cat Cams. Other mods are scorpion cat-back, high-flow filter in the original box and a tune. 262/242 cams are the "road" version, and they are really easy to live with. Idle is a bit lumpy and the "flat spot" is a bit more noticeable, but otherwise it is...