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    Airbag Light and Service Light

    Resolved! The plug that feeds the slip ring was loose, and the spring clip holding it in place seems to be broken. Cable tied it to hold it in place and the warning light is now out. I never even touched that plug which is strange!
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    Airbag Light and Service Light

    Thanks for the reply. I did a search before I posted my message, and unplugged and re seated the plug under the passenger seat. Didn't realise there was one under the drivers seat too. I'll give that a go later, as the passenger one didnt work. The passenger airbag switch is definitely set to...
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    Airbag Light and Service Light

    Hi guys, New to the forum, and not actually a Renault Twingo Sport owner girlfriend owns a Twingo, but it isn't actually a sport one - it is a dynamique. I joined this forum because there seems to be little else on the regular Twingo, so I am hoping that you can help! I have...