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  1. 1975DCS

    Madeno Racing big brake kit inventory? Who's in for it?

    Ok, ok, but to be fair you can't compare fitted prices with DIY or DIY + modifications... Not all of us are mechanics or have the space and equipment to do so! It's like a cambelt, the parts cost close to nothing, but the labour involved...
  2. 1975DCS

    Longer 5th gearing

    @Hutchie, do you mean just the 5th gear or did you change the entire gearbox?
  3. 1975DCS

    Yotah´s RS Cup "Nurburgring Edition" -> 204hp F4R832 swap.

    @BikNorton, probably the tyres are bigger overall than the cups and the offset does the rest...
  4. 1975DCS

    gt engine replacement, mad thoughts

    Well even those 4x4 205T16 E2's and 6R4's don't look so easy to drive...
  5. 1975DCS

    Yotah´s RS Cup "Nurburgring Edition" -> 204hp F4R832 swap.

    I am all about spoilers, turbo's or the highest n/a output, but I think the 997 GT3 is the best looking 911 ever! I even prefer it over the 911GT2 and GT3 and GT2 RS, despite those are wider and are faster... To bad for me the 4.0 regulation spec engine isn't in the standard GT3: I mean 125 bhp...
  6. 1975DCS

    gt engine replacement, mad thoughts

    Driftcars... Hmmm... Don't like them at all! But group B's: yes! But comparing a front engined, rear wheel drive car to the mighty 205T16 E2 doesn't make sense at all... I think a turbo'd 1.6 or 2.0 would do the trick same a high revving 2.0 engine... How about a Corsa VXR engine, tuned to over...
  7. 1975DCS

    Anti Facelift Twingo Alliance (AFTA)

    I agree about the facelift, but why is every journalist moaning about the 1st generation Twingo? I really prefer the 2nd one!
  8. 1975DCS

    Petrol? V-Power or not?

    Most V8's have low power per liter anyway... I think an 125 bhp 1.0 ecoboost for example would do even better on high octane fuels...
  9. 1975DCS

    At Power - ITB kit for Twingo 133.

    You could contact olymeca in France they have a lot of experience with the K4M (and RS) engine, they offered me an upgrade to 180 bhp for around 6k ex VAT. But if you want they can offer you the real 230+ bhp Super 1600 deal like in their French championship winning Twingo.
  10. 1975DCS

    Anti Facelift Twingo Alliance (AFTA)

    Why not? A cruise control is always relaxing to drive on boring roads, no matter what the power...
  11. 1975DCS

    Yotah´s RS Cup "Nurburgring Edition" -> 204hp F4R832 swap.

    Looks neat but tight! Do you think the 17 inch cup wheels will fit? Not considering the diameter, but the wide of the caliper?
  12. 1975DCS

    Yotah´s RS Cup "Nurburgring Edition" -> 204hp F4R832 swap.

    Not surprising considering the offset and big slicks... And of course the suspension on full load on the track...
  13. 1975DCS

    Power @wheels versus power @flywheel

    Me neither... Would fancy the R2 manifold, kat and custom silencer though...
  14. 1975DCS

    Power @wheels versus power @flywheel

    We all know in the end you have less power @wheels then the engine chucks out @flywheel. But when I searched for an exhaust I came to the site of Supersprint whom for most cars have a dyno read out: nice! Interesting to see that Honda's have less transmission loss then a Renault (or other...
  15. 1975DCS

    Yotah´s RS Cup "Nurburgring Edition" -> 204hp F4R832 swap.

    That's a nice feeling! Glad you like the brakes as some people claim you can do the same with oem sized discs, but at least you tested them both and feel the difference... Your car is now half a race car, cool! Is it just the manifold that makes the car so much louder? A manifold used to be on...
  16. 1975DCS

    Yotah´s RS Cup "Nurburgring Edition" -> 204hp F4R832 swap.

    Yeah I tend to do that a lot, asking myself and others questions... It's a bit of my ADHD... ;-) The prices don't seem to be that steep, so I will save up... Thanks for the answers!
  17. 1975DCS

    Someone tell me to stop

    You can also buy a Megane Cabrio 175 DCi
  18. 1975DCS

    Wind Deflectors

    No because they remind me of old folks cars... But I know they are comfy...
  19. 1975DCS

    Cruise control?

    Can official Renault dealers perform this conversion? I asked my local dealer, but they had to find out with the Dutch importer...
  20. 1975DCS

    Yotah´s RS Cup "Nurburgring Edition" -> 204hp F4R832 swap.

    So to be clear: the R2 EVO has adapters in it's 4 pot kit? You use slightly bigger discs than the EVO (300 mm versus 295 mm)? You use the Brembo calipers of the (312 mm) Clio III, but it seems they would fit. Surprised to see that, because most of the times racing discs have a smaller friction...