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    Twingo rs cup not starting

    Try this seems to be a common fault
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    Clutch release

    Oh well turn out it was the gearbox, car is scrap !
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    Renault Twingo Mk2 Heater issue

    It’s relatively easy to change the resistor without removing the whole dash. (RHD car) In the glovebox remove the two nuts that hold the airbag in - you need a deep socket 13mm from memory Lift the airbag out and prop it (no need to disconnect) and follow a two thick wires red and black down...
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    Clutch release

    Hi - we’ve got 2010 dynamic that’s developed a horrible metal on metal rattle from the clutch housing that goes away when the clutch pedal is pressed (see video/sound) The clutch still works without slipping. I wondered if anyone had thoughts on what it might be (apart from something that needs...
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    steamed up headlight lense

    could you describe where the cap cover is please - I've got a cap that has a seal and protects the back of the main beam bulb is that what you mean? thanks in advance
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    steamed up headlight lense

    Morning, I've been stalking your forum for years and have found solutions to many of our 2010 Twingo's problems. One I can't find though is if there is an easy fix to a steamed up/wet front lighting cluster. One side is dry but the drivers side is very steamed up with drips of condensation, I...