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  1. Kenny911

    Parts - Wanted

    I have a Mk1 phase 4 Twingo. I need a passenger (rhs) mirror, heated if possible
  2. Kenny911

    Mk1 Rev Counter

    I have just installed a 52mm Rev Counter in my Mk1 phase 4 Twingo to check engine & look after it. For those who are wanting to do this, it’s easy & within capabilities for those who have little/good knowledge Highly recommended
  3. Kenny911

    Rev Counter Wiring Info

    Please could someone help me wire my Rev counter to my 2996 1.2 16v Semi-Auto Mk1 Twingo. I’ve connected all the wires up, neatly fitted Rev Counter & only need to connect the main “pulse” wire to the engine. Where do I connect this wire? Please help 🙏
  4. Kenny911

    Spark Plugs 🤷

    I have a 2006 1.2 16v, semi auto Twingo Mk1 Can someone please inform me on what type of spark plugs can be used. There are so many “Pub” talk suggestions
  5. Kenny911

    £15.00 scam or no scam !!!

    Thank you for the clarity, much appreciated
  6. Kenny911

    Semi Auto Box Issues

    All parts fitted but was informed …. Change the gear stick parts (semi auto) £260 later & my Twingo is running 100% perfect
  7. Kenny911

    My Twingo

    2006 Twingo. Are most of the parts from a Clio2?
  8. Kenny911

    £15.00 scam or no scam !!!

    Does this club exist ? Paid an extra £15.00 to upgrade, still waiting for any correspondence So where has my £15.00 gone ??????
  9. Kenny911

    Parts Wanted Alloy Wheels

    I have a 2006 Mk1 series 4 Twingo. What allloys (14”) will fit my car?
  10. Kenny911

    Any good Renault independents in the north east?

    TW&S Barker. Newcastle. 0191 4356490
  11. Kenny911

    Vehicle Wanted Advice please

    My Twingo is in a garage getting the Accumulator fitted. Is this a specialist job & what do you charge it with?
  12. Kenny911

    Mk1 Twingo Headlights & Kph-Mph convertor

    My Twingo is in a garage getting the Accumulator fitted. Is this a specialist job & what do you charge it with?
  13. Kenny911

    Accumulator Repair

    My Twingo won’t start. Replaced everything but the Accumulator. Can’t get one anywhere, dealership or salvage yards. Can you repair them or clean them & refit? Part No 7701070496
  14. Kenny911

    Semi Auto Box Issues

    I’ve just purchased a 2006 Mk1 phase 3 Twingo (love it) gears won’t select/start Think this is a common issue. I’ve purchased a Actuator & pressure valve (approx £300) Garage is replacing this unit this week ……. will it solve my issue 🙏?