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    Twingo rs liquid yellow engine shots

    so even with the £1300 price for the liquid yellow the engine bay isn't painted from what I see in the pictures?
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    End of the line...

    I see the twingo rs has been taken off the site now, gone. :shock:
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    End of the line...

    I wonder why you don't see many rs twingos around? :o
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    Cherrybomb exhaust back box

    that sounds nice I think. :) tho does sound like its blowing?
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    Twingo RS 133 non cup

    looking good! that spoiler looks fab. :D
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    Dacia Duster

    what do you think to the new clio, in any model, rs,gt, dynamique... ?
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    Dacia Duster

    i find a full sus comfortable in any conditions really. worth the extra, and only weigh a little more too. could you not fit your bike in the back of the duster? there huge!
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    Dacia Duster

    do you find the hard tail bike comfortable in the rough?
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    Few pics of my silverstone

    that rear rs exhaust needs a polish tho... :) nice car!
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    there seems to be loads of "spots" out and about from us members, but hardly any one replies?? does that mean more potential twingo 133 members?
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    black 58 reg rs in spondon, near derby.

    today, 26,03,13 about 9 10 am ish. black, cup chassis, going towards Ilkeston. :)
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    It's a sad day

    what made you go for a duster and not the new clio rs? I had a look at a duster the other day, its a big vehicle, heaps of room! tho sadly not for me.
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    It's a sad day

    didn't think you would of decided to sell her? can you not keep the rs? :o
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    It's a sad day

    ok, cheers
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    It's a sad day

    has karl sold the rs then?
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    How to fit mudflaps

    need a few more pics but they look fine. may be put sparco sticker on them... :)
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    dark blue rs with white large sparco mud flaps.

    Only good for goin forwards... :D
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    dark blue rs with white large sparco mud flaps.

    Was today. 9th march 2013. About 07 20. Had blue ish head lights. The flaps were huge items... on the floor.
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    dark blue rs with white large sparco mud flaps.

    J25 m1, :D just come off north bound. Heading towards derby. ;)