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    K4M RS stroker?

    totally different engine series, im sure the f4r is a lot wider so the crank wouldn't drop in to the k4m block. Cheap easy power increase is an engine swap. The k4m is pretty strung out and hard to extract power from when looking at cost vs horsepower. The only reason to keep it and tune it...
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    Intercooler Thread

    WOW how long is your pipe run! fit a clio tce turbo outlet pipe and it will direct it to the other side of the intercooler allowing you to go in one side and out the other, also deleting about 2 meters of pipe work for you!
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    Adeys Twingo GT (f4rt R26 2.0ltr engine swap)

    Been building this up for the last 2 years, started as a GT and then tuned it then started an engine swap. Full thread can be found here Bit too long to cross post it back here sorry...
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    and less than 3 months later ive nearly built one :D
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    Lambda sensor location

    what car and what engine?
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    Induction Kit GT 1.2

    Doubt its anything at all to do with an induction kit or lack of. The stock intake is fine for 125+bhp it just helps if its free flowing. Unless you have bigger clio 172 injectors you wont be there anyway. clutch could be slipping slightly? common after a remap. Get a video of what you mean is...
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    HOW TO: Retro fit Cruise control

    Think ive found the info many have been searching for with no response, copy from my build thread on, you can find the wiring diagram there too, i would post it here but the website has met its quota for uploads...
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    HOW TO: Retro fit Cruise control

    @cebarbosa i would love to see a wiring diagram, i have a megane 3 rs steering wheel fitted and having the cruise control working with it would be the icing on the cake. Where do the 3 wires go to on the ecu? and the fuse box? cheers
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    Dump/Blow-Off valves

    delete it completely, with an open air filter you will get proper rally noises.
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    Twingo GT Tuning Guide

    Its abit long winded to re write here but can be seen/downloaded from here
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    Best OBDII reader / Android app combo?

    I run torque app on an old 7inch Samsung tablet over the original tacho. You can customise it and show the gauges you want. Runs via bluetooth. In future i may make a nice mount that replaces the rev gauge and can incorporate the wiring.
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    Twingo II GT with gearbox from RS133?

    You can fit the 5th gear from a diesel gearbox into you 5 speed, i have done the same on my GT
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    Short shifter?

    Here i made a guide on how to make a short shifter for the cable shifted TCE gordini
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    Nope, you should build one :D
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    Facebook has killed off a lot of forums these days, the only way to help is to keep coming back and posting more content. Build threads and stuff
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    Not working control cruiser and speed limiter

    best bet is to plug it into Clip and see if the switches and contacts are being made, you will also see any faults that maybe stopping it from working
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    HOW TO: Retro fit Cruise control

    @Cebarbosa do you have the wiring diagram for where you connected the wires on the ecu?
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    Twingo GT BMC airfilter

    sorry dan its gone.