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  1. 1975DCS

    Power @wheels versus power @flywheel

    We all know in the end you have less power @wheels then the engine chucks out @flywheel. But when I searched for an exhaust I came to the site of Supersprint whom for most cars have a dyno read out: nice! Interesting to see that Honda's have less transmission loss then a Renault (or other...
  2. 1975DCS

    iPhone app with GPS speed logger

    I tried to search the app store but didn't find anything, but is there an iPhone app with GPS speed logger? I don't mean 0-60 or quarter mile times, but something that can log over a couple of minutes and can show a graph of 50-100 or whatever speed you have done... Anyone?
  3. 1975DCS

    Article number of the sticker with tyre pressure?

    Does anyone know the article number of the sticker with tyre pressure?
  4. 1975DCS

    Test drive the Clio 197

    Yesterday I had a test drive in a Clio RS 197... Impressions: Good grip (as expected) Didn't feel that fast Not so much noise from tyres and wind, only a bit exhaust noise Engine sounds better, less stressed 6th gear about same as our 5th gear Much more comfortable Would I buy it? Hmm, I do...
  5. 1975DCS

    6 speed gearbox from a Diesel Clio

    My dad has this Diesel Clio III which is fitted with a 6 speed gearbox. He said: "you could put on of these on your RS", I doubt the ratio's would suit, but maybe the result is 1-5 about the same and the 6 being a overdrive? But would it fit straight away?
  6. 1975DCS

    Cruise control?

    What would it take to fit the cruise control of an original Twingo RS to a Twingo RS that doesn't have one?
  7. 1975DCS

    Twingo Rallycross S1600 of Bakkerud (new spoiler this year)

    Bakkerud changed from Clio S1600 to Twingo S1600 this year. The Twingo has a new spoiler, more WRC than S1600 like... So what do we think of it...
  8. 1975DCS

    Prices of the CUP and standard wheels?

    Hi, does someone know the price for the cup wheels? And the standard wheels (still considering those for the winter)? I've just ruined one wheel by gently scraping it with parking... [email protected]@mn, pissed me of, but no one else to blame but me...
  9. 1975DCS

    Interesting stuff about Hal Ridge's Clio K4M manifold? Hal Ridge is a clubman driving a home brewed Clio in the Super 1600 class, so he has learned the hard way. It is too bad he asked for help on Clio Sport, but was not about to give any...
  10. 1975DCS

    Acceleration tests from magazines? And unwilling top speed?

    Have there been any acceleration tests from magazines? Yesterday I was trying out some top speed on a 2 km free road (before breaking area) and despite the decent rolling road tests the Twingo RS struggled to get past 190 km/h (on my TomTom V3) and 6.200/6.300 rpm. Basically it seems very decent...
  11. 1975DCS

    Waterspray causing noise

    A while ago it was very wet conditions and sometimes when I drove to a pool of water, the water spray caused noise. Not like the normal damped noise but a higher note, I thought it was a plate of metal causing the sound. But strangely enough I also hear some wind noise on dry conditions above...
  12. 1975DCS

    Accessories multi belt pulley already needs replacing

    Accessories multi belt pulley already needs replacing, just after 90.000 km... Damn, just after spending money on mapping, carpets, oil, filters and a cup spoiler...
  13. 1975DCS

    VW Polo R (better pictures)

    I love tarmac rally cars! Here the Polo R, not the photo drawings, but more or less a real picture!
  14. 1975DCS

    Daniël's Renault Twingo RS

    New Cup spoiler (fitted today, 14-10-2011)!
  15. 1975DCS

    Window washers-jets

    I would like the window washer-jets to give a more wider pattern then the 2 direct streams of washer-fluid per jet currently. Is that possible, or do you need washer-jets from a different car?
  16. 1975DCS

    GruppeM "ram" airbox?

    Is was reading an old BMW Performance and one of the crew members had a airbox fitted of GruppeM on his Z3 M. They did a dyno before and after the installation and there were very nice results after the GruppeM, with the entire curve being better. And we're not talking about an asthmatic engine...
  17. 1975DCS

    Twingo R2 for sale... Just 45.000 euro... Pfff... They don't come cheap...
  18. 1975DCS

    Racecar Engineer / CCC

    So pistons (higher CR? Or just forged?), cam (just one?), flywheel (steel I guess, as aluminum is forbidden), exhaust system (including manifold?), airbox and Magnetti Marelli for engine and gearbox. Supposed to be drivable unit! R1 has standard engine with ECU to improve midrange... Also some...
  19. 1975DCS

    Rolling road results of Renault Club Dynotjet meeting Goes!

    These are the result before and after mapping: The power for all curves are at the wheels. It may look like a small gain, but Henk from Fastchip and Jo from Renault Club Belgium already warned me for this. But secretly I was hoping for 140 hp at the crank after the mapping, but it didn't make...