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    Hi When I brake my indicators don’t work when I indicate my fog light symbol also flashes I bought a new rear bulb holder and now the fog light flashes with the indicator
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    Mystery misfire!

    Many thanks will try
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    Mystery misfire!

    Cheers will try
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    Mystery misfire!

    How and what did you use to clean the injectors
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    Mystery misfire!

    After heavy rain I have electrical fault light and car has gone into limp mode I am slowly working through different things trying to find the problem and help or advice would be great cheers
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    Help Please

    Just wondering if anyone could help me before I spend a fortune at a garage My 11 plate Twingo has been unused while we was away when I came home and started the vehicle I noticed the electronic warning light on the dash when I drove the vehicle I had Very little power and could not get above...