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  1. Mike_Robo

    today is a good day!

    Turned 21 and passed my first year at uni with a 2:1 :D
  2. Mike_Robo

    My Storm Grey Clio 200

    Hi Guys, Well as you might see in the for sale section I've sold my Gordini, trading it in for this: I'll upload some better pics soon, hopefully be out somewhere in it at the weekend :)
  3. Mike_Robo

    BMC CDA Induction Kit with Custom Air Scoop - £100 - TS14

    Item for sale: BMC CDA Induction Kit with Custom Air Scoop Price: £100 Location of the car/item and your location if different.: Guisborough (TS14) Condition: Used Hi guys, as you may already know I have recently sold my Twingo Gordini 133 and therefore am selling my BMC CDA Induction Kit...
  4. Mike_Robo

    Speedhunters - The Nurburgring Theme

    Speedhunters are doing a Nurburgring Theme, just thought I would post it on here for Yotah's attention! :)
  5. Mike_Robo

    Whitby Cruise III - 11th May, 7.30 onwards

    Hi Guys, Its a facebook event at the moment but is showing about 200 cars attending, was thinking of meeting in the guisborough/redcar area then heading up together for a quick blast over the moors to Whitby. would aim to meet at about 7? maybe earlier. anyone game?
  6. Mike_Robo

    Cars in the Park - Newby Hall Ripon

    Hey guys, Clio 197 are organising a stand at Cars in the Park at Newby Hall in Ripon this sunday (5th May) Copied from the above thread: See some of the finest looking cars in Yorkshire from Aston's to Ferrari's always a good turn out...
  7. Mike_Robo

    arch rolling

    hey guys, my new alloys are catching slightly on the rear arches, can anyone recommend a body shop in the north east that does arch rolling? cheers
  8. Mike_Robo

    My Gordini Alloys

    My Gordini alloys (blue Inserts) for sale, £200 buy it now :)
  9. Mike_Robo

    my gordini GT spoiler

    If anyones interested my GT spoiler is on ebay, it does require bolts.
  10. Mike_Robo

    Al's Recaros

    Just out of my own curiosity, where did Al's custom Recaro Bucket Seats ever end up?
  11. Mike_Robo

    Dare ST Alloys

    as some of you may know I'm looking at changing or refurbing my Gordini Alloys. I've always loved the look of these alloys, however I'm clueless when it comes to the technical side involving sizes etc. Ive been looking at...
  12. Mike_Robo

    Replacing or Refurbing Gordini Alloys..

    My two rear wheels have started to 'peel' around the rims, I've spoken to Renault UK and they have said that it is caused by the wheels getting knocked/caught when the tires have been changed, causing an area of the lacquer to be removed, water has then found these 'holes/gaps' and worked itself...
  13. Mike_Robo

    White RS 9th April in Saltburn at 20.15

    spotted a white (most probably a cup) coming out of Saltburn last night about quarter past eight.
  14. Mike_Robo

    North East Photoshoot: Sunday 14th April

    hey guys, Some of the guys over at are starting to organize a meet this Sunday morning (14th April) for a photo-shoot and a run out if anyone is interested? The exact time and location is still being discussed. I'll update this thread once the details have been confirmed, any ideas for...
  15. Mike_Robo

    Spotted Benmc

    saw you tonight mate heading up linthorpe road about 7, the new turinis look epic!
  16. Mike_Robo

    Kurbkrawlers & Dubnortheast Option Autohouse 4pm 24th Feb

    hey guys anybody up for this: around 180+ cars already have confirmed, I'm going with a few of the Clio guys but the more the merrier! we were looking at meeting at Teesside Park or the...
  17. Mike_Robo

    Pancake Day!

    Pancake day today! whats everyone having on their pancakes?
  18. Mike_Robo

    Big Breakfast Meet at Malton, 31st March 2013 (PICS)

    The Next Big Breakfast meet at Malton is on Sunday 31st March! Its not one to be missed, loads of static cars ranging from Renaultsports to Ferraris, Lambos etc. I went last time and had a cracking day, ended up going for a drive with the Clio Lot over to Scarborough. anybody up for it...
  19. Mike_Robo

    Moors Run Out (Pic Heavy)

    Over the weekend me and my mate (jakehewitt on here) decided to go for a run out across the North Yorkshire Moors to Scarborough, taking one of the longest (most fun) of routes turning the usual 40min drive into a 3 hour one :D here are some of the photos, enjoy :) P.S. it was snowing at...
  20. Mike_Robo

    Racing Legends Colin McRae

    anybody watch this? certainly worth a look on iPlayer, really good program :)