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Cup RS 133

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Nov 9, 2014
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Right this as been bothering me for ages I've nether seen or heard my rad fan come on over the two years I've owned the car. Now I'm assuming it's nether got to the correct temp for the thermostat sensor to kick it in, but surely in two years it would have at some point it's not like I drive steadily to put it mildly. So today I'd thought I do some investigating, after research I took the temp sensor connector off and switched on the ignition, to my surprise it came on :) & when I put it back on it went off. So now I know the fan motors not burnt out any other possible faults relays, fuses, the temp sensor itself now I know these engines run quite hot but it's something what's botherd me since I got the car among other things. As anyone had there's come on before on a regular basis or looked in to checking when the system kicks in ? Thanks for any help in advance.


Sep 10, 2021
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I was thinking the same of my 133, I recently changed the campbelt and water pump, and I ran it to circulate the new coolant,and noticed that the fan didn't come on, and I don't remember it coming on. I was thinking that I may have broken
a sensor wire ,all seem still intact ,ive had no warning lights or anything abnormal. I DONT recall the fan ever coming on either.