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May 12, 2024
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Hello everyone,

The AC on my 2016 Twingo AC is acting strange. On the hottest day of the year (of course) it stopped cooling and was blowing hot air.
I popped the engine cover and saw that the AC clutch disengages intermittently every couple of seconds. I suspected it's due to low coolant levels.
I went to get a refill and the guy told me it's not the issue. The low pressure needle kept bouncing from ~50 to ~30. The guy said the AC is overloading the engine so it cuts off the AC.
A day after that hot day the AC worked fine for 10 minutes and then started blowing hotter air again.
Any ideas what could be the problem? Is this something I might be able to fix myself?


When you start the car, turn AC on and listen if AC kompresor start work. Than you can go for a short ride and you know twingo, everytime, when AC kompresor is turn on, he lost a little power while we driving. If you will notice while you will driving, the power will not lost is problem clutch on kompresor or is kompresor broken.