Any good Renault independents in the north east?

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Jan 15, 2013
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My cam belt needs doing soon so anyone know off and good Renault specialists in the north east?

I take it you don't mean a dealer lol!!

Isn't there one in Hartlepool? Sorry can't remember the name tho;)
Mike_Robo":ogtgexw3 said:
Tones in hartlepool are suposed to be good like

That's the one :)

Graeme depends where you live, I could recommend an excellent independant who are more than capable. They now service my RS250 and did a lot of work on the classic Porsches I use to own, they're based in Houghton le spring ;)
yes graeme... blue and yellow? she was at the jim clark rally! when i was out having a snoop around the cars with neil we saw her in the corner of our eyes perched next to a 6R4 which got all our attention offcourse :D
Lol yeh it would do! We have used there place to start road rallys before as there in a prime spot.