Bringing the Twingo power to the USA?!?!

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Nov 2, 2021
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Freedom Land?

Long story short I married a Colombian chick, went to her homeland, drove a Twingo, fell in love.

I'm going to be bringing a couple back but because of "freedom" and "keeping the communists out" any complete cars need to be over 25 years old.

I was looking online and it seems the chassis are the same up until 2012? if so I'll import the 25+ chassis and go junk yard diving for components that are newer. What are major things I should grab? We've got little to no Renault support here so I was thinking 3x motor + trans, 2x doors, 2x subframes, 2x rear hatch.

I know how to turn wrenches but have no experience with the failure points on a twingo. I'd like to keep one car as close to stock as possible then drivetrain swap the other and make it some kind of hillclimb monster.

Sorry for my haphazard introduction.