Can a Twingo 3 TCE 90 be tuned to make the 110hp that the GT makes

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Oct 9, 2022
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It seems to me that they have the same engine and probably the same turbo, so could you just flash the GT tune on a TCE and make 110hp?
I am so curious about this too
From research I've done the GT has a different water pump and fuel pump. Turbo is the same and the addition of a freer-flowing exhaust and a air intake in the 1/4 panel instead of the wheel arch all add to the increase power as well as mapping.
Ive read some reviews saying the turbo is modified but not sure if thats true.
Had a "sport cat" and exhaust made for mine (TCE90), and a K&N (panel) put in. Had it tuned. It feels faster, but I am not sure if it reached 110 or not.
The tuner said it should bea 20-30 boost, but I'm not too convinced.
Could be that the one by one additions over the last year incereased it slightly bit by bit so I didn't notice, but I'd rather say it didn't reach 110.