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Jul 31, 2022
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Hi all,

I have a facelift mk 2 Twingo RS133 which I and the whole family love (ok, less-so the wife, but the kids love him as I do). I daily drive him at present, but would like to start the process of turning him into something better for track use and maybe some sprinting/(very) amateur tarmac rallying. I've been chatting to K Tec and am about to pull the trigger on some obvious performance stuff, including a full decat system, their high flow filter for the box (better than an induction kit I understand?), and some cat cams which K Tec will be asked to fit and remap for in due course. Obviously suspension and braking will be getting significant attention too, but I have a question about the camshaft if anyone is able to help.

How road-driveable/smooth running will the Twingo be with these new cams? Also, they do a 01 version, and a 02 version with more lift and duration. Does anyone have experience of how 'liveable' on the road each of these options is?

Thanks in advance,