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Robin Blakey

Aug 2, 2023
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Hey hey, just picked this wee fella up recently.
2003, 1.2 petrol, manual, no sunroof. AC doesn't work and the Check engine light is on but apart from that its fairly mint.
Planning on using it as a daily and for track days. Getting it ready for a Nürburgring trip next summer.
Got some NS2Rs coming and then I'll be looking at brakes. (If people can let me know if d259mm at 20.6mm thick will fit that would be great - if not I'll go for the smaller 238x12mm).
After that suspension and a seat probably. But we'll see. Maybe perfect with brakes and tires.
Loving it so far.


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So since this post I've gotten
  • Tires: NS2Rs
  • Brakes: Brembo Max Line Discs and Matching Pads
  • New Engine Mounts
  • New Ball joints
  • New Lambda sensor
  • New Accessory Belts and tensioner pully.
  • New Speakers
Couldn't find an off the shelf suspension package so I've ordered some high performance Bilstein Shocks and H&R lowering springs which should work well together. I've also ordered new top mounts and rubbers to go with the new shocks.

Next up is interior. I've got an old carbon fiber bucket seat I'll be putting in in the new year when I manage to get some rails. I'll also be popping on a wheel, probably OMP as their cheap, strong and TUV certified.

If anyone has any tips on lowering the angle of the steering column in the cabin that would be great (y)


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