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Aug 28, 2012
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As the title suggests, anyone know how to replace the lights behind the heater controls?

The left side of the controls has stopped lighting up and giving it a whack has ceased to get it working again so I'm assuming it's a blown bulb :(

Any ideas on how to change the bulb and what bulb it might take? it all looks wayyyy to integrated :/

Standard manual heater controls btw :)
You have to take it apart from the top down, a right PITA for such a small thing. Strictly speaking you are supposed to turn off the airbag ecu to but that's up to you. You can find out how to do it if you down load the workshop manual on here.
I think that's slightly beyond my capabilities, and have just been quoted £170+VAT by Renault to have it replaced. Think it's going to be one of things I'll have to live with :x

Just have to wait for the other bulb to blow now to make it look even....
Yeah I would rather change a instrument panel bulb on my 106 gti and that involves taking all the moulding off around the steering column, dropping the steering column down because you can't get the cluster past the steering wheel otherwise.

But £170+vat is crazy, someone should be able to do it in an hour if they know what they are doing IMO.

There is a guide on the forum somewhere so you don't need to read the workshop manual. I don't think they bothered turning off the airbag ECU either ;)

Edit - BTW when I bought my RS guess what the left hand heater knob light was out. No wonder they didn't fix it if that was the kind of estimate garages give.
I recently changed my bulb as it was blown, didn't even remove the top passenger airbag at all, just the little storage space on the right of the dash and the complete middle/speedo area. Was tight but managed to change the bulb in it, still only took about 25 minutes. £170+vat is a crazy price!
Sorry to bump an old thread but does anyone know what type of bulb is used for the heater control panel?
Need to remove vents on dash and get at it behind. Only a few torx screws to get the speedo out. Need to remove passenger airbag which needs a 13mm deep socket which can be a pain though.