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Jun 24, 2022
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Hi there, sorry I'm new to this forum, I have an '08 Twingo extreme 1.15, I have got an aftermarket seat to swap into the drivers side, and I'm just waiting on new rails to arrive to put it in, I was just wondering if anyone else had swapped the seat in their Twingo and what they did about the airbag and check engine lights that come on when you unplug the stock seats, and what's the best way to go about the seatbelt sensor, do I just keep the original buckle and take the tongue off the belt and plug it in and hide it under the chair? or is there a more robust way of stopping it beeping at me 24/7.

A second question, I am looking to do something with the exhaust, I have got a pair of cherry bombs that are welded together with a pipe on them from a MK Clio RS Tournament edition, but as you would expect these wont just fit, between the fact that the midpipe they are welded to was made to fit the Clio and even if i were to chop a bomb off, each individual cherry bomb actually appears to be too long to go where the current backbox is, I had taken it to a local garage to see what they thought would be best and he recommended straight piping it from the cat back, which is not really what I want to do, but i was thinking maybe getting some sort of midbox and a nice tip? I believe its 1 1/4 inch piping on the extreme and was wondering what options there was out there that might fit, as I can only really find 1 1/2 and larger diameter boxes.