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Jun 2, 2024
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Evening all. Or hello if you’re reading this after Sunday evening.
I’ve a nice special edition MK1 one-box Twingo. I bought it a couple of years ago as I’ve always been fond of the things.
It’s been sat on my drive for a long time whilst I’ve worked away, and now I’ve come to get it through an MoT and off into mainland Europe.
Well I would if I could start it. I admit that I’ve ignored it a bit, so I have to take responsibility and that’s what I’m doing on here.
Is anyone familiar with the technique for telling the car that I’m not trying to pinch it and I do in fact own it?
I put a new battery on it, locked and unlock it with the fob. There was a round red light on the dash, flashing at me. Key in, I think the red light went to steady red. I turned the key and the solenoid didn’t click and the starter didn’t chug.
I’m assuming this is the immobiliser immobilising.
I read on here that if I left it switched on for 10 min the fob and car would renew their acquaintance and it would turn over.
I did and they didn’t.
Can anyone advise a way forward?