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      Jacmharris31 replied to the thread Air Con Issue.
      I’ve multimeter checked all the connections in the relay and have continuity in the circuit. Wasn’t there an ECU issue with a few...
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      Jacmharris31 reacted to gabry96's post in the thread Air Con Issue with Like Like.
      You can easily see, if you don't have a multimeter, that the AC relay is working if you see the radiator fan running in low speed mode...
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      Hey guys! It’s my first post! 🥳 I have a 1.2 dynamique thats having AC issues. I’ve checked the cabin fuses and both are okay, the...
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      Jacmharris31 replied to the thread Aircon issue.
      Hiya! Don’t suppose you have any idea which relay is for the compressor clutch! I can’t find a diagram anywhere!
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