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Nov 29, 2013
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Hi guys,

New to the forum, and not actually a Renault Twingo Sport owner girlfriend owns a Twingo, but it isn't actually a sport one - it is a dynamique. I joined this forum because there seems to be little else on the regular Twingo, so I am hoping that you can help!

I have recently changed the interior fan, and speed resistor on my girlfriends twingo - ended up taking the whole dashboard out which may or may not have been the right thing to do! Everything went well, started up and everything electrical seemed to work perfectly. It wasn't until we drove the car out the garage, that the service and air bag light came on.

I am thinking that I have damaged an electrical connection on one of the airbags, or maybe the clock spring (or slip ring.... Not sure what they are called) but am unsure. I don't particularly want to pay for expensive diagnostics, so has anyone got any ideas where to start?

Thanks in advance.

There's cables with plugs that go into the base of the seats, covered by white plastic covers. Check the connections there as those have been previous causes.

One thought, the passenger airbag "off" switch which is on the end of the dash, drivers side... Is it off?

Other than that, you could have disturbed the wiring from the steering wheel or passenger airbags to the ECU
Thanks for the reply.

I did a search before I posted my message, and unplugged and re seated the plug under the passenger seat. Didn't realise there was one under the drivers seat too. I'll give that a go later, as the passenger one didnt work. The passenger airbag switch is definitely set to on. If this was off, would the service symbol appear too?

The plug that feeds the slip ring was loose, and the spring clip holding it in place seems to be broken. Cable tied it to hold it in place and the warning light is now out. I never even touched that plug which is strange!

El tapón que alimenta el anillo colector estaba suelto y el clip de resorte que lo sujeta en su lugar parece estar roto. Lo ató con un cable para mantenerlo en su lugar y la luz de advertencia ahora está apagada. ¡Ni siquiera toqué ese enchufe, lo cual es extraño!
Buenos dias, mi auto tiene el mismo problema, favor pordrias tomar fotografias en donde estaba el daño en tu auto, Yo he buscado y nada que lo puedo resolver. [email protected]