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Oct 28, 2010
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Born in 1964, the R8 Gordini stamped its blue and white mark on the 60s and 70s. The blue and white-striped racing car offered affordable performance and fun, and appeared in a number of legendary films, giving a wide audience the chance to discover motorsport. During the Gordini years, sporting achievements were numerous, in both rally driving and on the racecourse. At the 24-hour race in Le Mans in 1979, the winning Alpine Renault engine also bore the Gordini hallmark. Later, Renault Sport relit the torch of sporting and technological excellence, winning several Formula 1 championship titles and offering an innovative, high-performance range of vehicles. Today, Renault Sport is paying homage to the Wizard, reigniting the blue and white blaze. And Gordini (again) becomes the hallmark of a collection of chic, sporty models, designed for people who dream of style, pleasure and performance.

The Gordini Signature
So chic! Twingo & Clio Gordini R.S. brandish the blue and white banner, celebrating truly stirring French expertise. The white stripes - the real signature of the Gordini label – are still there, but brought right up to date with a subtle G shape in metallic varnish. Stamped on the sides, the Gordini Series badges are a nod to the famous Gordini coupés. In black and white, the shiny body parts show a tendency for elegant contrast. The 17" aluminium blue or black diamond-finish rims are real works of metallic art. The Gordini signature: an authentic and exclusive allure. So French.

Affordable performance
Wow, guaranteed sensations! Twingo & Clio Gordini R.S. offer you affordable performance for everyday driving. Tuned to provide a truly sporty sound, the mechanics are powerful, with all the focus on a thrilling driving experience. The reactive yet comfortable chassis and dynamic, precise steering are designed to help you get the best out of their potential. While staying totally safe.

The signature: Gordini
Elegant and sporty, the Twingo & Clio Gordini R.S. cockpits have a stylish blue, white and black colour scheme. In this unique atmosphere, each detail adds to the overall exclusive feel. The gear lever has a Gordini signed knob and a blue gaiter. There is leather upholstery, just like in the first generation Gordinis. Contrasting stitching emphasises the shape of the seats, the dashboard, the door trim and the leather steering wheel, where the "dead centre" is marked by two white stripes. The white counter backgrounds and the glossy black features on the instrument panel give the interior a chic, sporty feel. In case you failed to notice, the numbered plates are there to remind you that you are on board an authentic and exclusive Gordini R.S. original. Inimitable.