Burning smell when you kick the shit out it ??

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Same problem when I accelerate for 10 seconds even at 3000 RPM. Not serious thing but it smell som bad (with closed windows) !!
Water and oil level OK...
I have similar problem like described above. After "hard" drive on high rpm I fell strange burning smell comming from vents. Is this normal? I have this car only for a month. During low rpm drive everything is fine.
Hi, mine does it too.
It may be the water pump failing / not giving enough flow / cambelt or auxiliary belts not tensioned enough. I monitored the engine temp by elm obd2 port and it rises to 100 degrees (i dont force it beyond this), where on idle the temp only goes to 94 degrees then the thermostat kicks in the venting of the radiator and temp drops.
Since the water pump and cambelt/aux belt change was done in november 2017 its almost time for both being changed. I will post if afterwards it solved the issue.
Yeah probably at 120 deg or so it would, but wont risk to push it that far. My experience when the temp light/or gauge goes that high, head gasket is already being compromised.
Is it an oil burning smell?

I have a slight oil leak and when I have been nailing it and pull up at a junction there is a smell of burning oil.

I think it is the rocker gasket.
CHeck YouTube
My engine temperature is quite normal, maximum 99C and only in traffic. During hight speed drive it drops to around 80C. I dont have any oil leaks. So this strange smell after high rpm drive must be normal behavior... Car is a bit old, engine is big with almost no free space around so its possible...
I have tested this again during a drive this week on highway, and no burn smell with me pushing every gear until rpm cut, and maintaining high rpm / speed at like 190 km/h for over 4 or 5 minutes. The temperature also didnt rised above 84 degrees this time around with a high external temp (27º C). Probably have some problem in thermostat / water circulation valve / water pump, that is an intermitent problem, because i'm sure temperature was at almost 100º last time the burn smell came.