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Oct 28, 2010
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I have the cup chassis but is there any difference without the cup chassis?
Apparently It's quite a difference! They say a cup twingo will run circles around a non cup on track! As for general road use it's alot less solid feeling...
My Gordini has the non-cup chassis but the car i took for a test drive had the cup chassis and i can honestly there is a huge difference between the two. The cup feels much tighter and there is no question that the handling is way better and the ride is much harder. The only reason i went for the non-cup is that i have to drive on some pretty crappy roads to get to work and the cup was just a bit to firm to use every day.
I find the Cup chassis perfectly OK for everyday use - our roads aren't exactly billiard-table smooth, but it crashes through potholes a LOT less than some cars with supposedly softer suspension.

I was a bit concerned that the "rubber-band" tyres would make it worse still, but that's not bad either.

I think the seats help enormously - firm but VERY supportive even on a long drive.

All-in-all, I'm glad I got the Cup chassis for the taut handling and immense cornering, and more-than-happy to trade that for a slightly firmer ride.
I'm not saying that the cup chassis is to hard for everyday driving it's just that my driving is mostly little country lanes thet are riddled with pot holes and get resurfaced about once every 10 years. If i could use different roads i would have had the cup without a doubt.
I'm in a fortunate situation where I get to drive both. My Gordini has the standard set up and the girlfriend's 133 has the Cup chassis.

There are two noticeable differences when driving the car day to day on the road. The Cup chassis does feel more eager to turn into a corner. The steering does feel that bit sharper, I guess because there's less give in the suspension. You can really feel it on even the slightest direction change, not just when giving it some on a series of bends.

The other biggest difference is the harshness of the ride. Now I'm used to driving a car that was very low on coilovers and by comparison the Cup chassis does feel more forgiving. Having said that, I think it's a harsh ride for a modern car and as a passenger it actually gets annoying!

All that said, the standard Twingo 133 chassis is equally good. It has the same levels of grip and during day to day driving it'll would easily keep with a 133 Cup. If anything with the extra forgiveness you get from the non-Cup suspension, you may find it's actually more stable on a bumpy road.

My conclusion on it? Get the Cup chassis.........for those gorgeous 17" rims. Don't be fooled into thinking a non-Cup'd 133 is any less competent, if anything it has it's own merits but I wouldn't be without the Cup style rims. Hence my Gordini not having the Cup chassis but obviously comes with those wheels.

As for handling, on a track the Cup chassis would be a no brainer as you wouldn't want the compromise. On the road, yuod do just fine with either set up.