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Jun 14, 2018
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Hello all,
I've just picked up my 2nd 133 (my name should now be SilverRS), a 2009 model this time. The front bumper has been damaged and needs replacing. There is a silver bumper fairly local to me, but it isn't from a 133. So, to my question - Can a bumper from a "standard" Twingo be made into a 133 one by painting the centre black and swapping the fog light surrounds over? Or are they fundamentally different bumpers?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,

Bit of an update - I took the gamble, and nope a standard bumper does not fit. The wheel arch flares are different on the 133.

Hopefully if someone else has this question in the future, they will see this post. You're welcome internet.
Another update........

After doing a bit more research, and speaking to my local Renault dealer, here's what I've discovered:

The 133 version looks to be a standard bumper (from a GT?) with the RS body kit bits clipped on. The bumper I have is part number 8200649327, and according to the parts guy at Renault the part numbers for the body kit components for the front bumper are -


I didn't get the part numbers for the fog light surrounds unfortunately.