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Jan 17, 2024
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Hi Everyone

New member here, not sure how much I can add to the technical side of things but hope to contribute where I can. I'm new to Twingos but not Renaultsport, as I had a Clio197 Cup about 10 years ago.

I've done a couple of bits to mine since picking it up about a month ago. ITG Maxogen filter fitted and a Powerflex upper engine mount. I've changed the headlamps and side lights to LEDs and added Silvertec indicator bulbs. The car already had a Scorpion exhaust fitted. I decided to put my cherished plate on the car and am risking a pull from the law by tinkering with the font!

If anyone on here knows the car I would be interested to know it's history. Original reg was NJ60NJO but I think it had a cherished plate (RS60SJS) on there at some stage too.

Only frustrating thing to note so far, is the common drivers side headlamp steaming up.

I hope to upload some photos when I work out how!! I'm a 'mature' owner with minimal IT skills!

It's good to be here

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