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Jun 5, 2024
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Chester uk
I recently took over ownership of a 2008 1.6 re Twingo. It was my son’s car, unfortunately the clutch slave cylinder exploded so that set us back quite a lot.
Anyway I decided to take the repairs on and fitted a complete clutch renewing the timing belt
Water pump and dephaser pulley at the same time.
I also renewed the alternator, A/C compressor new radiator A/C condenser pressure switch expansion valve and all seals on the system.
It’s almost complete now, I just have refit the front of the car, headlights and wheel arch covers which should be completed in the next week or so.
I have two plastic trims and a hose fitting that I cannot find homes for. Hopefully I will be able to solve the problems I’m having with the registration process on the sit and post some pictures of these parts and maybe one of you will know where the belong.
Keith jones