Rentec, nr Edinburgh, Sunday 28th August 2016

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We're on for the meet tomorrow, looks like a dozen or more people visiting througout the day AND a lovely weather forecast :)
Best day ever!!!! Need to do some quality control on the pictures, will post back tomorrow. What an incredible bunch of good people I met today! Only three Twingos though (2 RS, 1 GT). Gazollions of Clios, Meganes, a couple of V6 rear engined weapons, a Clio Williams and a lovely "project" Renauit 5 GT Turbo. Two burgers (I could have eaten six they were that good) and a big ear-to-ear smile on my face.

Well done everyone!

Pics linked on the Twingo133 facebook page... Highlights (in my opinion) include:

Me having 525 miles until empty displayed on my readout after some very careful driving!
Me discovering I have the Cup chassis pack. Explains my sore back!
And everything else :)