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Hello folks! Checking in with #17. Picked it up on Friday, the previous owner was from Stirling. It's now at a happy home in Edinburgh.
Can I be cheeky and ask how much you ended up paying for it?? I was watching this the other week, low low mileage great nick etc. so how much?
Hi. Should be a small plaque same as the ones that are on your b pillars. It`s situated in front of the cup holders on your center consoul facing gear stick.
This is what to look for. Number will be on top left corner of that plaque.


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Thanks Charlie, mine does not have that, so I suppose I have been had over by the dealer, still did not know what a Silverstone was till I looked on here, still a cracking little car even if it's not a Silverstone.
Am a bit confused by it though, it has cup suspension and 17" wheels, but no extras as far as can see!
Hampshe you might not have been done by the dealer as from what I've seen some don't have the inside silverstone plaque, does it have a twin tip exhaust and a black roof?

If it does it's highly likely it's a silverstone
If it has a bench seat in the back, untinted rear glass, no aircon, it would be a proper cup version, which would account for 17`s and cup chassis. Full fat version with cup chassis has 17`s plus two individual seats in rear, tinted rear glass, aircon, you could also opt for a renault monitor that sits in rectangle display next to speedo.
Hi Dubz! I`ve seen one or two images of Silverstone`s for sale and the interior plaque hasn`t looked long for this world to be honest. So perhaps that would account for some cars not having them. If you look on the introduction section of this forum, hampshe has a pic of car. Doesn`t look like a Silverstone to me but i will say one thing hampshe, You have got a cracking little car there!!!!!! So don`t feel upset mate. Plus we`re a great bunch of guys and girls on here! You have a fantasic little car that will definately put a massive smile on your face and good luck to you :thumbup:!!!!!!!!!!
Hampshe I have pm'd you with a way to check if your car is registered as a silverstone or not.
dave133silver":l0980e2f said:
new owner of number 20 :)had for about 2-3 weeks
added, your the second owner of this car to sign up here