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I'm going to buy OZ wheels, 16 inch, 7 width , ET 37, tyres 205/45. Can somebody tel me if this will work without modifications to standart Twingo?
I'm currently running rota grid 16x7 et.40 with 195/45/16 continental contact sport 3's and I've got rubbing over bumps in the road and when locking up on passenger arch liner.
In the GT version, Toyo Proxes T1-R (185/55 R15) with OZ Superturismo GT (7Jx15H2 ET37)... All Ok.

Hello to everyone here.Since a week I'm a owner of Renault Twingo RS Cup 2013 with 50 000 km on it.I am a rally raid racer with quad,and my mechanics will use the car for assistance between SS.The car now is with 15 inch wheels with winter ltires on it,and I have the original ones - 17' with original summer tyres fitted.First we think to replace the original wheels with OZ 17' Ultrallegera and use 205/40/17 tyres.But because our team is in collaboration with Braid Wheels we have tested many different wheels ,and we can order any size,any color even any ET,we decide to use use Braid wheels 15x7 with Yokohama AD08 on it.
My quesion is what is the best ET for 15' wheels so they fit perfect without rubbing ang looking nice,we can order the wheels in any ET.
Thanks for helping guys!
ET 45 will be perfect. Maybe ET42 is still possible without rubbing. I have ET37 but had to trim the fenders to stop rubbing.

My winter wheels are ET45 and have no rubbing what so ever.
I prefer the look of the standard non cup 16" wheels, and generally I prefer cars with a little sidewall give. For both cost and aesthetics I think I'd like to try running 205/45/16 (probably Conti SC3) tyres.

So has anyone fitted non cup 16" wheels with 205/45/16 tyres to a car with cup suspension?
Can you confirm they didn't rub and that there were no adverse handling effects? (I assume grip levels would be somewhere between standard 195/45/16s and standard 205/45/17s).
hello, looking to get new wheels and i found 7x17 et38 . first post in topic says that 195/40 on 7x17 et 35 rubs on back wheels when loaded. anybody running 7x17 et38 with 195/40? does it have any issues? thanks a lot
If your running something different, please post here with the sizes and wether theres any clearance issues and I will keep the list updated.
Hello, im building a hillclimb and sprint twingo RS, I hope to use a 15" wheel with 215 50 15 R888 tyres. Would these fit with a 7x15 et38 wheel? I searched the forum but am unsure, thank you.
Hello all,

A question, will Oz Allegerita 4x100 16" ET37 fit without rubbing? On the OZ website they only list the ET42 and ET44 as being compatible but i've found them at a good price and very tempted to get them.

Happy owner of my RS :)


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I was looking at the forum, searching if a 205/45/16 tyre is possible with no rubbing.
I was wondering if someone could help me make a dicision/tell me if this is possible:

I'm looking at the Sparco Assetto Gara.
I have 2 options:
7x16 4x100 ET37
7x16 4x100 ET42

Ideally I would like to run 205/45/16 tyres.
Does this on any of these wheels fit without rubbing?