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Jan 8, 2011
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So, one of the few things i really do miss in RS is central arm rest. Today lurking on the internet i found that there is original Renault accessorie - central arm rest for Twingo II.

But I couldnt find any Twingo (including RS) that would have it fitted. Any information on that?
The part numbers i found relating to this are: 7711419669, 7711419671. Might be worth a try, what do you think?
and have you had one? i think its one of those things which you dont miss unless you had them before (like cruise control for me).
The twingo is one of the few cars iv had with out one, boy I miss it on a long journey
I find with the bolsters and probably my size... That I slip right into the seat and it supports my arm nicely.

Wouldn't mind one though. Old car had one and it was lovely. Not really sure it suits the 133 though being an uncomfortable little warm hatch like it is
:lol: I think I would find rolling down a cliff more comfortable than a motorway journey in the 133 :p

I LOVE how the cup chassis can find bumps on what looks like a perfectly smooth motorway. And I enjoy every trip in my car. But it's not comfortable and I wouldn't want to try and make it. Perhaps the dini it would suit though...
maggi112":3s1mbplf said:
:lol: I think I would find rolling down a cliff more comfortable than a motorway journey in the 133 :p


The twingo is precisely why we also have a family wagon for the long journeys.
Yours cup chassis james? Remind us... what was your mpg? :p

The dini would be the only one that's probably remotely comfortable to travel longer distances in if it were regular chassis.
Cup chassis, lovely leather seats made it comfortable, although my wallet with only 28 mpg wasn't comfortable!

Central armrest would defo made my arms less achey!
must be just me then, the tt and golf have got them and always push them out the way as they just annoying.

like to be differnt :p
well i just seem to be the only one who doesnt like them :p i just never been in a situation where i have thought i need to rest my arm.
TripleJay":2889sazo said:
maybe you are able to keep you left hand busy all the time :mrgreen:

yes, u caught me i am knob fidler whist i drive :p

theres nothing like fiddling with a air flow direction knob :p
i saw somewhere this Central ArmRest is costing arround 75€ .. original renault for twingo .. i'll search for the part num.
You'd be surprised how much of a difference it would make on long journeys, I'm always trying to rest my arm on a non existent arm rest when cruising down the motorway :lol:

I would buy one if there is such a thing for our twingo.
I must admit there is something nice about a central arm rest as the Meganes had (don't know if they still do) one and I actually the storage in it more than using it as an arm rest haha